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The National Prehistory Museum gives businesses wishing to make a donation the chance to benefit from visits under privileged conditions and the chance to organise conferences and seminars within its prestigious setting.

In return, the donation, seen as an act of patronage, will allow the establishment to engage in various actions: the organisation of temporary exhibitions, the furbishing of new spaces, the acquisition and restoration of pieces, cultural action programs…

For more information, please contact the establishment’s patronage correspondent:

If you wish to stay informed about the new sponsorship incentives you can contact the patronage operation of the Minister of Culture and Communication:

Phone number: +33 (0) or .79.15


What is patronage?

Patronage is defined as “the material support given, without direct compensation on the part of the beneficiary, to a work or to a person for the pursuit of activities that present a general interest” (Decree of January 6, 1989 relating to economic and financial terminology).

Though the central ideas in this definition – support, absence of compensation and general interest – still retain their meaning, the development of patronage in France owes a lot to incentive measures brought by the law of August 1, 2003 relating to patronage, associations and foundations, and its successive progress. It presents itself as the payment of a donation (in cash, an in-kind donation, in skills) to an organism to support a general interest work. If the beneficiary is eligible for a patronage deductible, the donation qualifies for certain fiscal advantages for the donor (businesses and individuals).

Patronage must therefore be clearly distinguished from sponsorship.

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