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Patrons and the Enrichment of the Collections

One of the key moments in the history of the collections is closely linked to the work of Denis Peyrony, tireless researcher whom we have to thank for the discovery of numerous sites resulting in the first pieces of the collections marking the beginning of the creation of the Museum of Les Eyzies at the turn of the century.

Since then, the enrichment of the collections steadily continued, especially during the last fifteen years thanks to the support of patrons and archaeologists. Certain collections are the result of a life that has been completely dedicated to prehistory. Amongst the most distinguished scientific personalities we have to thank for this considerable prehistoric national heritage that has been passed down to us today, we should note: F. Bordes, J. Gaussen, L. Pales, G. Laplace, G. Bonifay, J.-P. Texier, Cl. Barrière, P. Fitte, J.-Ph. Rigaud, J. Tixier and many others.

We should also add the prestigious submissions from other museums (from the National Archaeological Museum for example), from more than one hundred generous patrons and also the construction work of the grounds directly funded by the National Prehistory Museum.

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